The Olathe Community of Christ offers a wide variety of ministries and groups that you can get involved in. Please feel free to browse below about any of our ministries or groups.

Sunday Worship

The Olathe Community of Christ’s Sunday worship services are dynamic and varied in nature. They are filled with singing, scripture lessons, and testimonies that are meaningful to all ages.

Youth Ministries

The Olathe Community of Christ believes that youth ministry is one of the most important callings of our church. provides ministries for children of all ages.

Christian Education

Every Sunday morning, there are opportunities for every age group to learn more about Christ and his teachings. There are classes for kids from two years old up to high-school aged youth. We also offer scripture study and theology-based classes for adults.

Center of Hope

The Central Avenue Center of Hope in Kansas City, Kansas (formerly known as the Grandview Community Center) is home to the Lloyd Siebert Food Pantry, a food kitchen which serves lunch five days a week, a thrift store, and a ministry that reaches out to the homeless. The Olathe Community of Christ provides opportunities for ministry at the Center of Hope and provides support through financial contributions as well.


The sacrament of administration is available to members and nonmembers alike. A person who is physically ill, emotionally strained, or sick in any other way may request administration. The purpose of this sacrament is to provide assurance of God’s care and concern and also of the church’s interest in that person.

An elder of the church will anoint the head of the person with consecrated oil. The elders then lay their hands upon the head of the person and approach God in prayer for the blessing and healing ministry of the Holy Spirit.

If you are in need of administration, please call the following number:

High Priest Bruce Rider – 913-461-9667
High Priest Larry Winters – 816-729-8175

These numbers may be called 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is the cornerstone of our ministry. We try to encompass it into all our ministries and we providing visiting to shut-ins, communion for those unable to attend, new family ministry and visiting to those in the hospital, suffering illness or bereaving the loss of loved ones.

Young Adults

There is a group in the church specifically for those out of high school up to around age 35. There are many life changes that occur during that time period and the Young Adult group aims to provide support and friendship to those who need it. If you are interested in the Young Adult group, please contact us for more information.