2014 Historic Caravan

Help make the 2014 Caravan happen! Every 4 years we take our High School students from Kansas City to Palmyra, NY and back! This year, our expenses are definitely higher with gas, bus, food and lodging — all being much higher than in 2010. We are doing everything we can to save money, including making our own meals and staying at Community of Christ congregations.

As the dates get closer and we know exactly how many kids will be attending, we will also be able to make decisions that will help us conserve money, like eliminating items because of fewer students (or increasing because of more students). The students will be doing some fundraisers to offset the cost. This trip not only teaches the next generation of church youth about church history, but it also gives them an opportunity to learn about our faith and participate in meaningful worship experiences.

As in the past, we make a detailed budget so that we can be wise stewards over your financial gifts. Thank you for helping make all the past caravans happen and trusting us again in 2014 to be careful stewards. Our fundraising efforts will help ensure that no one is left behind because of financial constraints.

God Bless!

— Clint Reine & Kyle Joyce