A Lenten Journey

From the World Church: As a community, we will intentionally engage in practices as we live once again through the stories of Christ, leading us to the cross and the anticipation of new life.

Our journey will begin Ash Wednesday, March 5, with a Daily Prayer for Peace service leading us into the season of Lent. In addition to the service taking place at 1 p.m. in the Temple in Independence, Missouri, the service will be available in English, French, and Spanish on the church's website here.

Each week, a practice will be offered to help simplify your life, focus on what matters most, and prepare for the wonder and transformation resurrection brings. Descriptions of the recommended practices and suggestions for use will be posted in February on the church's website.

Read “A Radical Emptying: Lent” in the February Herald as you prepare for the Lenten Journey. In a world that often measures worth by wealth, success, and prestige, Lent reminds us we follow the One who denied those things to demonstrate God’s kingdom vision.