Announcements - May 5

VBS 2019 Son Surf Beach Bash June 5-9
If you would like to help with the decorating (June 2-4), teaching, cooking, snacks, or anything else please contact Brooke Trachsel. If you have surfboards, blowup rafts, inner-tubes, life jackets, beach umbrellas, kid pools, beach chairs, etc. we would love to use them.

Lunch at Center of Hope
The Olathe congregation will be preparing and serving lunch at the Center of Hope on Monday, May 20If you can help, please see Sharon Robertson. Donations may be given to Sharon Robertson or Lois Viers.

LIFT (formerly Adult Social Activities)
Life In Fellowship Together - Upcoming Activities. Please mark these dates in your calendar. More details to come at a later date:
Saturday, August 24, 5:00-9:00PM - Breakout KC (Leawood) & Dinner at K Machos (Overland Park Location)
Saturday, November 9, 8:00AM-4:00PM - Work and Play! Help at workday and then go Play!!! The Culinary Center in Downtown Overland Park, make and eat!

Fundraiser for Children’s Peace Pavilion - Read for Peace
Kids, pick up a packet from the foyer and begin reading. Prizes for all readers! You may have visited the Peace Pavilion at the Auditorium but it is expanding into a building of it’s own. Join the read-a-thon to raise money to help.

Mark Your Calendar for these Upcoming Events
Sunday, May 12 - 8:30am - Priesthood Meeting
Sunday, May 19 - 8:30am - Prayer and Testimony Service & Friends and Fellowship (Kid’s Prayer Service)

If you are in need of administration please contact Jeanne Mann who will contact an elder that is available to administer this sacrament. You may also contact any of the pastorate.