Be Builders of Fellowship


To our beloved Olathe family,

We hope that your 2019 has begun with great anticipation. Each new year always offers the hope for unlimited possibilities. What can we create this year? How exciting it is to even ask that question!

As was shared in the service last week, we are setting our yearly focus around a portion of our Congregational Blessing - Be Builders. Each quarter we will be concentrating on one of the four subcategories shared in our blessing. For the first quarter, our focus is Be Builders of Fellowship. Along with having a moment in each service to focus on our quarterly themes, we are also hopeful that our committees, classes and overall interaction with one another will stem from our points of focus. Additionally, we will be sending out weekly emails to help encourage you, inspire you, and offer ideas or activities to participate in to help cultivate a spirit of "Be Builders..." 

Be Builders of Fellowship – what does that mean to you?

This week, we invite you to spend time dwelling in the portion of our Congregational Blessing about Be Builders of Fellowship. Pray over these words, let them sit with you and begin to discern what they mean to you and the ways they will manifest in your life. How will you bring about and encourage this sacred time together? What can you do to help us grow together through our times of fellowship?

May our thoughts be turned toward one another this week. May we spend time thinking about and praying for those that make up our Olathe Congregation as we seek to Be Builders of Fellowship during the first portion of the year.

We hope to see you tomorrow.

Be builders.

The Pastors