World Conference and National Conference Delegates

During the recent Midlands Mission Center Conference, the following members of the Olathe Congregation were elected as delegates to the 2013 World Conference and/or USA National Conference. World Conference Delegates:

  • Mary Gill
  • John O'Neal
  • Karen Winters
  • Larry Winters

National Conference Delegates:

  • Dustin Crowley
  • Mary Gill
  • Sharon Sullivan
  • Cheron Tiffany
  • Karen Winters
  • Larry Winters
  • Pat O'Hara (3rd Alternate)

Please keep these and all delegates in your prayers as they prepare for these important conferences.

Adult Formation Opportunities

"We are poised to equip men, women, and children to be true and living expressions of the life, ministry, and continuing presence of Christ in the world." - Develop Disciples to Serve Our congregation is beginning a series of adult formational classes in different areas. To better plan our classes, we'd like to know who's interested. If you see something that interests you, please send an email to Mary Gill or fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Below, you'll find more information about the first wave of classes that will be beginning soon.

Scriptural Literacy through Seasons of the Spirit with Larry Winters

What Will Be Explored, Studied, Learned

Using Seasons of the Spirit, a biblical literary curriculum, we explore meaning and mystery in the Bible through the lectionary. We learn from biblical scholarship and value the insights and experiences of people of diverse cultures and life situations and all ages and eras.

Why Is It Important 

Through the Bible, the Spirit leads us to know God, Jesus Christ, and God’s call to live lives of faith, love, and justice. The Bible contains meaning and mystery beyond the printed words. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we are called to engage continually in biblical exploration in community.

Meeting Times

9:30 – 10:10 every Sunday morning during the school year.

Exploring Community of Christ Theology with Dustin Crowley

What Will Be Explored, Studied, Learned

This class will provide an introduction and overview of Community of Christ identity and theology. We will cover church history, approach to scripture, basic beliefs and enduring principles, sacraments, priesthood, and discipleship/mission. Our depth in covering each session will depend on who attends and their familiarity and/or desire to delve into specific topics. We will cover a few short texts from the World Church on these topics, but also rely on discussion about our own experience within the Community of Christ.

Why Is It Important

For new attendees, this is an opportunity to become familiar with aspects of Community of Christ belief, mission, and congregational life that often go assumed or unsaid. For long-time members, it provides a chance to reflect on our shared beliefs that are often taken for granted, to get a fresh or reinvigorated perspective on how these elements fit together into who we are as a community. It will also be a chance to share how your story fits with the corporate one.

Meeting Times

The course will have five sessions, 1-2 hours each. 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. Monday or Wednesday evenings beginning September 12, 2012.

Preparing for USA National Conference with Bruce Rider

What Will Be Explored, Studied, Learned

Journey together in faith to seek God’s will for issues to be considered at the USA National Conference.

Why Is It Important

It is important to prepare for the USA National Conference by having an opportunity to dialogue together about the issues.

Meeting Times

The 4th Sunday of the month during Sunday school beginning September 23, 2013.

Community of Christ Run/Walk Club with Jackie Gill

What Will Be Explored, Studied, Learned

Explore not only the physical benefits of exercise, but the spiritual benefits as you fellowship with other church and community members in a fun, relaxed setting. This group is for all ages and abilities including walkers, runners, and everyone in between!

Why Is It Important

We often focus on developing the mind and spirit, but forget the significant role the body plays in our discipleship. It is sometimes difficult to fit exercise into our day and this group offers a great source of motivation and accountability!

Meeting Times

We will meet every Thursday at 6:30 pm beginning September 6th through November 8th. Interested participants will complete the Pilgrim Pacer 5k in Lenexa, Kansas on November 10th.

Using Technology to Complement Worship with Shane Adams

What Will Be Explored, Studied, Learned

This course will explore ways to use technology tools to bridge the gap between technology and spirituality, enabling a modern worship experience while still allowing room for the spirit to breathe.

Why Is It Important

In our always-on world, sometimes it can be difficult to connect with people spiritually on Sunday, so we've defaulted to an "unplugged" approach to worship.

Meeting Times

One 2-hour session in January, 2013. The session may be repeated in February if there is interest.

Fill out my online form.

Vacation Bible School!

VBS Needs your help!!! We are going to start decorating the gym this Sunday afternoon. If you have these items please bring them to church with you this Sunday!! Please clearly mark each item with your name so we can return your items to you. We are also in need of helpers! Email Brooke Trachsel if you can help! If you have items to bring we would love to have any and everything so you are welcome to just bring it to the gym Sunday, no need to email and ask we will say YES BRING IT!

Donations Needed:

  • TONS of sleeping bags
  • Christmas Trees and more Christmas Trees and More Christmas Trees (Yes it is okay if they have white lights on them)
  • Camping Chairs
  • Tents
  • Camping gear
  • Coolers
  • Charcoal Grills
  • Camping equipment of any kind
  • River Rafts
  • Canoes
  • Rock climbing gear
  • Toilet Paper rolls/Paper towel rolls
  • A outdoor fire pit or a few outdoor fire pits to use on August 3rd for the family campout following VBS
  • A stuffed Moose (toy)
  • Battery operated votive lights
  • And anything other camping, exploring, hiking gear you have

Helpers Needed:

DECORATORS - Sunday, July 29th after church we would LOVE to get all the walls papered and it is so much fun to chat with people and work in the transformation of the church! What great fellowship! Decorators, decorators, and more decorators the 29th of July- August 2nd! You don't have to be crafty . . . THERE IS A JOB FOR EVERYONE!

COOKS - We need one more person or group of people to cook for one evening!

Greeters 5:30-6:30 p.m. Friday 8/3 Saturday 8/4 Sunday 8/5 Monday 8/6

Cleaners 8:30 p.m. would love to have a few families each night! Friday 8/3 Saturday 8/4 Sunday 8/5 Monday 8/6

Snack Helpers (provide snacks for the night) Friday 8/3 Saturday 8/4 Sunday 8/5 Monday 8/6 Tuesday 8/7

Sheep Herders (7th-12th Graders) need 3-4 kids per group Pre K K 1 & 2 3 & 4 5 & 6

Looking Toward Jerusalem

The Easter Season is upon us and we invite you to join with us for our Holy Week activities at the Olathe Community of Christ.

Palm Sunday — Sunday, April 1, 10:20 am

“Blessed is He Who comes in the Name of the Lord”

  • A sacrament service with story and song
  • LOOK upon Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem
  • Prepare to partake in the Last Supper

Sara Tubbesing, presiding, with testimonies

Good Friday — Friday, April 6, 7:00 pm

“Kneeling in Jerusalem”

  • KNEEL with Jesus in the garden
  • Experience the anguish of Peter’s betrayal

Brad & June Johnson, presiding

Sunrise Service — Sunday, April 8, 8:30 am

“Jerusalem Sees”

  • A service of guided meditation with a live instrumental ensemble
  • SEE the dawn of Easter morning. Pay holy attention!

Alli Arnold, presiding

Easter Brunch — Sunday, April 8, 9:15 – 10:00 am

A Time for Fellowship

Easter Service — Sunday, April 8, 10:20 am

“Rise Up Jerusalem! We Have Seen the Lord!”

  • A service of proclamation — Scripture, spoken word, songs, instruments
  • RISE up and join the celebration!

Ron Trachsel, presiding — Shane Adams, speaking

Going once, going twice, sold to the highest bidder!

We are quickly approaching the date for our bi-annual fundraising auction, Saturday, November 12th. This year, we are fortunate enough to have Kansas City's own Jazz For Good providing our dining entertainment. Tickets are now on sale for the great price of $15 per adult and $7 per child. Chef Franklin has a fantastic Italian dinner planned for our enjoyment. During the dinner hour, we will be hosting a silent auction, so come early and bid high. When dinner wraps up, we will move on to our live auction featuring numerous items such as a Sweet package by Elizabeth, family portrait sessions, handmade gifts and many more. As great as this sounds, we still need your help. In order to make this event a success, we are asking for everyone to donate something to be auctioned. Because every person has a unique gift or talent, the sky is the limit for donations. We are accepting goods and services alike. All that we ask is if you are donating a service, please include a certificate or description of your donation so we may have something to show during the auction.

If you plan to make a donation of something to be auctioned, we ask that you make that available by Wednesday, November 9th.

The doors will open at 5:30 P.M. so you may peruse the offerings and gain your bidder number. If you are not able to attend the dinner, we will continue to give bidder numbers up until the live auction starts at 7:00 P.M.

We look forward to a great evening of fun and fellowship on November 12th!

Thank you,

- Jennifer Bauman and Rebecca Franklin

A note about Sunday from Doug

As we look forward to the communion service this Sunday, I would like you to think about the goal of church. To some this may be an abstract exercise in the meaning of religion but, I would prefer you think about your reasons for coming to church. I will ask you to write down your thoughts on a sheet of paper (their will be pens and paper availalbe at church or you can start now and bring it with you). I may even ask a few to share their thoughts (briefly). I encourage you to spend some time with your families discussing your ideas prior to arriving at the service. Additonally, I am inviting your children to wear a team uniform to church as the children’s moment will use the goals teams often seek to help children think about the goals God has for us.

May God bless you in your preparation to meet Him in the service this Sunday, Doug

More Than A New Coat of Paint

You may have noticed that things have changed a bit around the website. I wanted to bring you up to speed quickly on the how and why behind why we're doing this.

But first, some background:

For many years, the church didn't have a website. Then, thanks to the hard work some great individuals, we had a place of our own on the web. Folks like Elaine (Binns) Shannon and Darren Long were critical to the early development of the site. Their contributions went relatively unnoticed, but were certainly appreciated.

About 7 or 8 years ago, I wanted to expand the site to be more robust. To add more items like a calendar and some information that allowed people to find us online. This was the site that we have had and operated for the past several years. Even several years later, that site held up and worked well for what it did.

So why the change?

Over the past several years, as time has become more and more scarce, I've had less time to keep up with the site. For many years, I've been maintaining nearly every aspect of the site (excluding the online calendar, which was fantastically monitored by Sharon Robertson). Frankly, I've run out of time.

That doesn't mean I'm going to stop being involved with the website. Quite the contrary. But what I needed was a site that ran on a platform that was easier to manage and easier for me to train others to use.

So that's what we've done. Sure, the site looks a little different. The important thing here is that we're going to add more features. I'd love for your feedback to help inform what other things we can add to the site.

Thanks for your patience as we continue to improve our online presence.