Congregational Blessing

As most of you may know we are in preparation to receive our congregational evangelist blessing.  We have some important dates in the coming months as well as some pertinent information to share with you at this time:

  • Second Sundays of Each Month: A Service of Preparation for our Congregational Blessing
    • Each second Sunday between now and our blessing, we will focus on the preparing the congregation for the blessing. Our evangelists will be present on those second Sundays to worship with our community.
  • September 28-30: Congregational Retreat at Olathe
    • Our annual congregational retreat will be held this weekend at the church.
  • October 7: 40 Days of Preparation
    • Our congregation will focus intentionally on preparing for the 40 days leading up to the blessing. Focused materials will be provided to enhance our journey together.
  • November 18: Our Congregational Blessing
    • This is the day we receive our congregational blessing. We invite each of you to join us for a spirit-filled experience.

We invite you to dwell in the Doctrine & Covenants 164:9 as you journey with us during this exciting season of preparation. Our congregation will truly be blessed by both your presence ad by your participation.