Letter from the Pastors

You all are precious in God’s sight. You all are loved and are brought together for a purpose. God invites you into a life of sacrament, where each moment offers you the opportunity for divine grace.          —Olathe Community of Christ Congregational Blessing

Dear Olathe Congregation,

Through the ups and downs that 2019 may have brought to you and your family, we have found ourselves so blessed to be a part of this loving faith community. As we celebrated our congregational blessing last fall, we as pastors knew that this was yet another inflection point in the rich history of this congregation.

This year’s World Conference theme was Discover.We as a church are challenged to be constantly discovering God as revealed to us in our lives and in the people that we encounter. We hope this has been a year of discovery for you in your own discipleship. We have focused on sacraments and priesthood offices; we have celebrated baptisms and weddings; and we have mourned losses and comforted each other. In that, we hope that you have found the God in each of you that binds us together and connects us more deeply to our congregational family and to our world.

Through this year, we have been asked to be builders.We’ve acknowledged the words of our blessing intently to spend time each quarter being builders offellowshiphealing and reconciliation, and community. As we enter into the last quarter of the year, we once again celebrate our Advent season, but we also bring focus to being builders of the spirit.

We invite you to continue to be builders as we enter into this last quarter of 2019. Please mark your calendars for October 13, at 9:00 am, as we gather for our Annual Fall Business Meeting, where we will elect our pastor leadership for next year and the approve the 2019 budget. We ask all members to attend. It is your right and responsibility as member, from the most veteran disciple to the newly baptized.

To prepare, the current pastorate would like to submit the following names for consideration to serve as the 2020 pastor team: Shane Adams, Alli Arnold, Laura Beckman, and Brad Johnson. After six faithful years of service, June Johnson has decided that this is the right time for her to step down. If you know of anyone else who has interest in serving in the pastor position, either as an individual or as part of a slate of pastors, please let a current pastor or Bruce Rider know so we can present names to the congregation for their prayerful consideration.

Each of us on the pastor team continues to grow in our understanding of God’s vision for the Olathe Congregation and in our love for each one of you. It has been our privilege to serve with you as companions on the journey.

In Christ, 

The Pastors
Shane Adams, Alli Arnold, Laura Beckman, Brad Johnson, June Johnson