New Giving Opportunities

From the World Church website:

Community of Christ launched e-Tithing, a new online giving platform, for members and friends in the USA. 

Giving is safe, easy, and flexible with e-Tithing! You can give on your desktop computer, tablet, and mobile device. Make one-time and recurring contributions by bank withdrawal, and with credit and debit cards. When you set-up a recurring contribution, you decide when giving starts and the frequency of recurrence (weekly, every two weeks, bimonthly, or monthly).

You can also contribute anonymously or create an account. With an account, you can:

  • View your giving history
  • Add a credit or debit card
  • Change credit or debit card information
  • Manage your recurring contribution
  • Make a one-time gift

If your congregation accepts online contributions, you can give to Local Mission Tithes and Worldwide Mission Tithes. If your congregation does not accept online contributions, you can still give to Worldwide Mission Tithes.

Read the FAQ to learn more about e-Tithing or contact Fiscal Services with questions and for support:; or phone (816) 833-1000. 

Thank you for everything you do to support Christ’s mission! 


If you have any leftover tithing envelopes, bring them to Sharon Robertson or Steve Wall and they will be used in the pews. This recycling/reusing effort has saved our congregation money because we don't need to purchase envelopes just for the pews. All identifying information is removed before they are put into service. Thank you for your continuing help!