Nursery Schedule

Hello to my most favorite congregation ever!!

I am organizing a nursery rotation schedule for 0-3 year olds!  My hope is that this will allow parents to enjoy the service while their children play. I’m also hoping that offering this ministry will attract more young families.  I have had friends tell me a nursery is one of their top priorities when looking for a congregation.  

If you would like to help I will put you on the schedule.  We would like to have at least two people in the nursery at a time.  So, please let me know if you are signing up to help with someone else.  If not I will pair you with someone!!  

If you can not be at church on the day you are scheduled I am asking that you please find a replacement for that week or switch weeks with someone.  I will call and remind you the week leading up to when you are helping in the nursery.  When you volunteer to help please also let me know if you would like a phone call, text or email for your reminder.  :)

One requirement is that you need to be a certified Youth Worker.  If you are not sure if you are or would like to become certified please contact Sharon Robertson.   
If you want to have a blast playing with the some of the cutest members of our church please email me, text me, call me or let me know at church!!  We will start this when Sunday School starts back up in the fall!  

Thanks so much! 
Chelsea McCormick