Pastor's Note - January 18, 2019

To our beloved Olathe family,

We are hoping that your week has been filled with moments of joy, gratitude and fellowship with those you hold dear. As you have spent time reflecting on the "Be Builders of Fellowship" portion of our Congregational Blessing, where have your thoughts taken you? How have you seen yourself helping to build our fellowship in Olathe? In what ways are we being called to BE with each other?

"Love...includes fellowship in suffering, in joy and in effort." ~ Albert Schweitzer

We encourage you to be in fellowship with one another through all the seasons of life. Be there with friends and loved ones as they endure suffering and celebrate joy. It isn't about saying the perfect thing or planning the perfect gathering in a perfectly clean home with a perfectly cooked meal. It is just about being together. We need to give others the gift of presence, the gift of time. Listen, empathize, laugh, cry and rejoice together. Offer your attention to one another as you value who they truly are. Share in a cup of coffee. Make the phone call you keep feeling prompted to make. Send the card you have been meaning to send. Let us not just find moments, but create intentional times to Be Builders of Fellowship.

We hope to see you at 8:30 am on Sunday morning for our first Prayer and Testimony Service of 2019. We look forward to sharing in fellowship with you at that time.

Be builders.

The Pastors