Pastor's Note - January 25

To our beloved Olathe family,

Sending our warmest wishes to each of you on this chilly day. Despite the cold of winter weather, we hope you have had the chance to warm your hearts through meaningful fellowship with dear friends and loved ones this week. Take a moment and think back on your fellowship this week. What were some special conversations, connections or contacts you made with people in your life? Did you enjoy laughter with another? Were you there for a friend in need? Did you share in a meal with someone else? All these special times of fellowship — may we take a moment to be grateful that we get to share our lives with others. 

In addition to the quarterly focuses on Be Builders, we also felt guided by our Congregational Blessing to spend time exploring our church sacraments and the different priesthood offices even deeper during this year. We will be intentionally highlighting one of the sacraments or a priesthood office each month, alternating between the two. One Sunday service a month will be dedicated to learning more and diving deeper into the one we are focused on. The schedule for the year is as follows:

  • January - The sacrament of Baby Blessing

  • February - The role of the Disciple (member)

  • March - The sacrament of the Evangelist Blessing

  • April - The office of the Elder

  • May - The sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation

  • June - The office of Teacher

  • July - The sacrament of Ordination

  • August - The office of Priest

  • September - The sacrament of Administration

  • October - The office of Deacon

  • November - The sacrament of Communion

  • December - we will focus our month on Advent

We are excited to spend some time as a congregation learning more and growing together in our understanding and love of our sacraments and the responsibilities and calls of priesthood and disciples. These selected Sundays will give us further opportunities to engage in fellowship together. We look forward to experiencing the first of these moments this Sunday as we celebrate the sacrament of Baby Blessing as Baby Erin Fogarty is blessed. Please plan to join us as we support the Fogarty family, the life of Baby Erin and the fellowship we can all offer in support to one another as we journey together. 

The Pastors