More Than A New Coat of Paint

You may have noticed that things have changed a bit around the website. I wanted to bring you up to speed quickly on the how and why behind why we're doing this.

But first, some background:

For many years, the church didn't have a website. Then, thanks to the hard work some great individuals, we had a place of our own on the web. Folks like Elaine (Binns) Shannon and Darren Long were critical to the early development of the site. Their contributions went relatively unnoticed, but were certainly appreciated.

About 7 or 8 years ago, I wanted to expand the site to be more robust. To add more items like a calendar and some information that allowed people to find us online. This was the site that we have had and operated for the past several years. Even several years later, that site held up and worked well for what it did.

So why the change?

Over the past several years, as time has become more and more scarce, I've had less time to keep up with the site. For many years, I've been maintaining nearly every aspect of the site (excluding the online calendar, which was fantastically monitored by Sharon Robertson). Frankly, I've run out of time.

That doesn't mean I'm going to stop being involved with the website. Quite the contrary. But what I needed was a site that ran on a platform that was easier to manage and easier for me to train others to use.

So that's what we've done. Sure, the site looks a little different. The important thing here is that we're going to add more features. I'd love for your feedback to help inform what other things we can add to the site.

Thanks for your patience as we continue to improve our online presence.